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Business Process Outsourcing

Providing end-to-end HR Process, manages the entire cycle of employees ranging from the selection process, hiring, developing, maintaining, managing until the end of the process of cooperation with the company 's employees.

Advantages BPO

The most important advantages of BPO/KPO are as follows:

The Outsourcing market is growing tremendously in the coming few with increasing years with an increasing advantage as discussed below:-

  1. Increased focus on core business activities and cost effectiveness
    With rapid growth in business, comes increased back-office operations. The increase in back-office operations demands additional human and financial resources, which may side-track your attention from the core business activities. HR functions are a part of such back-office operations. Outsourcing HR functions can help you redirect human as well as financial resources to your core business activities.
  2. Compliance and risk management
    Employment and labor laws often change and organizations find it difficult to keep up to date with these changing laws. Outsourcing HR to an outside firm benefits Lou since these firms have experienced HR professionals that have the expertise in staying abreast with such changes in laws.
  3. Flexible Staffing
    Flexible staffing is another benefit that outsourcing human resource functions can bring. Recruitment is one of the HR functions that is increasingly outsourced by organizations.

Front office lists include:

  • Telemarketing
  • Customer service/support
  • Technical support/help desk
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Inbound/outbound sales

The top advantages of BPO benefits include:

  • Speed and efficiencies of outsourced business processes are enhanced
  • Organizations using BPO get access to the latest technology
  • Freedom and flexibility to choose the most relevant services for the company's operations
  • Quick and accurate reporting
  • Save on resources related to staffing and training

As a leading general trading company, SMI team works hand in hand to all manner of general trading, IT solution, BPO, etc. With varied solutions available, SMI’s client have everything needed for smooth solution (Johan Rumana, Astra Otoparts Tbk)

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